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Jinxi Town
Located in the southwest of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, 62 miles away from Shanghai, Jinxi is a typical water township of southern China with 16 lakes of different sizes and 238 river ways. It is an old town with a history of over a thousand years´╝îwhich can trace its history to the Spring and Autumn Period.Nowdays,many buildings still remain that were built in Ming or Qing dynasties. However, unlike some other water townships, Jinxi Town has its own ... more
Zhouzhuang Town
Zhouzhuang, one of the most famous water-rich towns in China, is situated in Kunshan City, 92 km northwest of Shanghai downtown. It is noted for its profound cultural background, well-preserved ancient residential houses, elegant waters and traditional lifestyle with a strong local flavor. In the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC), Zhouzhuang was a part of the fief Yaocheng, called Zhenfengli. Zhouzhuang got its present name in 1086 during the Song Dynasty, in ... more
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