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Century Park
Century Park is the largest park of the city of Shanghai. It is situated in Pudong New Area. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is located nearby. The Century Park is a modern Chinese Garden that embodies the integration of between Oriental and Occidental cultures and between man and nature. It mainly consists of large lawns, forests, and lakes. There are a number of beautiful scenic areas such as the Central Lake Island, the Huiwu Square, the Rural ... more
Changfeng Ocean World
Changfeng Ocean World is located in Putuo district.It is an international standard ocean world incorporating both a South American themed aquarium and a 2,000 seater indoor Beluga Whale Show Stadium. This new and modern indoor aquarium offers visitors a glimpse of life on the ocean floor. There are over 10,000 marine animals from over 300 different species.Schools of colorful fish are viewed against a backdrop of themes, such as a sunken pirate ship, mountain ... more
Dianshan Lake
Dianshan Lake is a natural freshwater lake, located in the west of Zhu Jiajiao, Qingpu, upstream of the Huangpu River. It is the only natural lake in the area. Dianshan Lake was named after the Dianshan Hill in the east of the lake. The lake has a total area of 62 square kilometers, twelve times that of the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is the largest fresh water lake in Shanghai. The Dianshan Lake Scenic Area is fringed with numerous historical sights, such as ... more
Dongping Forest Park
Dongping National Forest Park is located at the north side of the central Chongming Island, the third largest island in China. It is 12 kilometers from Nanmen Port. It is the largest man-planted forest in the Eastern China . Dongping Forest Park grew out of Dongping Forest Farm which was enclosed and founded in 1959. ... more
Dongtan Wetland
The name translates as "East Beach". Dongtan is located on the third largest island in China at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Dongtan is the best place to watch birds in Chongming Island. The island, covers an area of 1,083 sq. km, is the largest sandy island of any river mouth in China, where the river empties into the East Sea on the west Pacific. Dongtan Birds Nature Reserve (121º50'-122º05'E and 31º25'-31º38'N) covers an area of 8468.7 hectares, locate ... more
Gongqing Forest Park
The Gongqing Forest Park is located at Yangpu District of Shanghai. Here is a unique parkland on the western shore of the Huangpu River is a leafy, wooded and tranquil slice of countryside in town. It's the second-largest park of Shanghai and the largest park in Puxi. The park site used to be a piece of Huangpu River beach. In 1956, Shanghai municipal government called on the masses to dredge the river and turned its silt into a tree nursery. In 1986, the nursery ... more
Jinjiang Amusement Park
Jinjiang Amusement Park is a large amusement park in downtown shanghai. It is located in Meilong district in southwest shanghai, a booming district. Roller coasters, rides and the Asia's largest ferris wheel are all here in this amusement park. ... more
Lu Xun Park
Formerly called Hongkou Park for the district it lies in, this park was established in 1905, by Shanghai International Settlement's Municipal Council. Today, it offers a small amusement park and a great inflatable playground for kids. The park has been renamed for China's best-known 20th-century writer, Lu Xun (1881-1936), who lived in this neighborhood from 1927 until his death. Known as the "father of modern Chinese literature" because of his role in developing ... more
Oriental Land
Oriental Land, located on the shores of Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District, serves not only as recreational and social center, but also the "lungs of the city." The Oriental Land covers an area of 3.7 square kilometer, 1.3 of which is waters. The Oriental Land consists of 8 zones, including the Knowledge Boulevard, the Bravery & Wisdom Area, the National Defense Education Area, the Survival Challenge Area, the Scientific Exploration Area, the Water Sports Area, the ... more
Shanghai Wild Animal Park
There are many rare and endangered animals at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, at Sanzao Town in Nanhui District, about 35 kilometers from the city center. The park is one of China's biggest wild animal parks and covers an area of 153 hectares. There are over 200 rare species and over 10,000 animals from all over the world, including giraffe, zebra, white rhinoceros and hunting leopards. Some indigenous animals under special protection include giant pandas, golden ... more
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