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All Saints Church
All Saints Church was a Christian church, located at No.425 Fuxing Middle Road, being near Danshui Road,where French Concession was at that time. Built in 1925 by Episcopal Church in America, in a style of 17th Century Church with a wooden spire and a main hall and side hall. Red brick, triangle roof, and concrete-engraving doorpost are its best features. The church also has round rose windows and a square tower. The main hall can seat 500 people while an attached ... more
Fitch Memorial Church
The Fitch Memorial Church (also called Hongde Temple in Chinese) is a Christian church located in Hongkou. George Field Fitch (費啟鴻), a missionary of American Presbyterians North, served in China for more than 50 years, died in 1923. In memory of G.F. Fitch, the church was built in 1928. George Field Fitch served for The American Presbyterian Mission Press, and helped Chinese to establish their modern printing and publishing industry. With his helps, four ... more
Grace Church
Grace church is located at Shaanxi North Road. It was originally built on Sichuan Road by Wan Yingyuan, a missionary who came from American Baptist Churches during the period of Emperor Guangxu. It has since then been located at its current location after being moved in 1942. It covers an area of 3.3 mu and has a capacity of over 500 people. The church is made of two layers of brick and wood foundation, with a bell tower. ... more
Moore Memorial Church
Moore Memorial Church, also known as 沐恩堂 (Baptised with Mercy) Church, formerly a Methodist Church. This Protestant Church was established by American missionaries in 1887. The original church was built in 1929 on the site of a former school, but in 1931 Hudec rebuilt it employing the latest visual aesthetic theory. The church, located near bustling People`s Square in the heart of Shanghai, is a striking red-brick building. Covering an area of 1,347 ... more
Shanghai Community Church
Shanghai Community Church is located at No.53 Hengshan Road, built in 1925. In 1920, American Christians rent a site for the church service near Route Doumer (now Donghu Road) and then called it Community Church, means bringing harmony into all nations. After the church’s fund-raising campaigns, the new church was completed at the cost of 70,000 USD on March,1925 . English was used in a church by the believers who mainly came from Europe, America and China. So this ... more
She Shan Cathedral
She Shan Cathedral is located on the western peak of She Shan Hill. It is the largest Christian church building in East Asia and was at one time the destination of pilgrims from across Asia. The official name of the church is the Church of the Holy Mother in China. The first church on She Shan hill was built in 1863. During the Taiping Rebellion, Jesuit missionaries bought a plot of land on the southern slopes of the hill. A derelict Buddhist monastery had stood ... more
St. John's University
St. John's University was an Anglican university located in Shanghai. Before the Chinese Civil War it was regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in Shanghai and China. The university campus was located on a bend of the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai, and was designed to incorporate Chinese and Western architectural elements. The University was founded in 1879 as "St. John's College" by Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky. St. John's began with 39 students, ... more
St. Joseph Church
The earliest cathedral in Shanghai French Concession, completed in 1861.It is located at No.36 Sichuan South Road. Yangjingbang(Yangkingpang) Greek pours into Huangpu River here.So it is also called Yangjingbang Cathedral. The lovely Gothic spires are rising like a fairytale castle next to the school it adjoins.Also of interest are the four niches holding statues on the building facade.The church underwent a facelift in 2007 and was given a fresh lick of paint. ... more
University of Shanghai
The University of Shanghai was established in 1906 as Shanghai Baptist College, supported by Northern and Southern Baptists of America. Its campus, along the Whangpoo River about six miles east of the center of Shanghai, commands a unique riverside campus view and makes up a historical building complex. The campus was ready for occupation in 1909 with the completion of the main administrative and classroom building, Yates Hall. In 1917, the University of ... more
Xujiahui is an area in the Xuhui District of Shanghai. Its history can be traced back to Ming Dynasty. Xujiahui literally means "property of Xu family at the junction of two rivers" in Mandarin. The "Xu family" actually refers to the family of Xu Guangqi (1562-1633), China's most notable Catholic convert, also a great agricultural scientist of ancient China. Xujiahui was once the ancestral home of Xu Guangqi and his family. The two rivers refers to Zhaojia Bang and Fahua ... more
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