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Baiyun Guan Taoist Temple
Baiyun Guan is the head Taoist temple and Taoism historical site in Shanghai. It originated from the Qing Dynasty, taoist Xu Zhicheng constructed the Lei Zu Palace, and renamed the palace as "Baiyun Guan" in 1888. Originally the temple was built in 1882, but moved to a new location near Dajing Ge in 2006. The temple is one of only two Taoist temples in China to possess the precious Ming Dynasty Taoist Scripture, the other is the much larger Baiyun Guan in ... more
City God Temple of Shanghai
City god is the deity in Chinese mythology, responsible for the affairs of the city. There are temples dedicated to the local city gods in many medium to large cities of China. City God Temple of Shanghai was built in 1403, during the Yongle era of the Ming dynasty. The temple lies within the old city walls, on the Middle Fangbang Load nowadays. For five thousand years, residents of the old city as well as nearby areas visited the temple to pray for good ... more
Dajing Ge Pavilion
Dajing Ge Pavilion is a part of the Shanghai old city wall following the course of today's Zhonghua Road and Renmin Road loop. In 1553 during the Ming Dynasty, Shanghai built a city wall to defend itself against Japanese pirates. Which had 10 gates. And the Dajing Ge was on the top of the wall, colloquially known as the Temple of Guan Yu. Guan Yu is sometimes called the Taoist God of War, probably because he is one of the most well-known military generals in ... more
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