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Century Park
Century Park is the largest park of the city of Shanghai. It is situated in Pudong New Area. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is located nearby. The Century Park is a modern Chinese Garden that embodies the integration of between Oriental and Occidental cultures and between man and nature. It mainly consists of large lawns, forests, and lakes. There are a number of beautiful scenic areas such as the Central Lake Island, the Huiwu Square, the Rural ... more
Pudong Riverside Promenade
The Riverside Promenade is 2500 meters long. It is a major scenic project along the Huangpu River. It is opposites to the Bund , nicely incorporating tourism, greenery, transportation and service facilities, and especially stressing urban ecology and functions. Installed along the Riverside Promenade are 21 groups of arch spurting fountains, symbolizing the 21st century, the glass-wall panorama hall, the 70-year shipyard's wharf and a colossal iron anchor. ... more
Shanghai Maglev Train Museum
The first operational high-speed conventional maglev railway in the world, the Shanghai Maglev Train from downtown Shanghai Pudong to the Pudong International Airport, was inaugurated in 2002. The highest speed achieved on the Shanghai track has been 501 km/h (311 mph), over a track length of 30 km. Shanghai Maglev is constructed by Transrapid in Germany. Shanghai Maglev Train Museum was built in 2007. The museum, at Longyang Road Station by the Shanghai Maglev ... more
Shanghai Oriental Art Center
Designed by famed French architect, Paul Andreu, the Shanghai Oriental Art Center occupies 40,000 square meters in the Pudong New Area. The futuristic building was designed to look like five petals of a blossoming butterfly orchid, each petal belonging in turn to the entrance hall, the Performance Hall, the Concert Hall, the Exhibition Hall, and the Opera Hall. Enhancing the effect, roof is inlaid with hundreds of high-tech lights whose colors change with the music being ... more
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is located at 2000 Century Avenue. It's a large museum is the largest museum in Pudong, close to Century Park, the largest park of the city. The construction of the museum costs 1,75 billion RMB, and the floor area is 98 000 square meter. There are 12 main exhibits open to the public, including "Spectrum of Life", "World of Robots" and "Information Era". As the biggest science theaters in Asia, the museum incorporates an IMAX ... more
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